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The electromagnetic valve  MV 32 NO-110

The Electromagnetic Valve MV 32 NO-110 SHEFTTM is designed to shut off the pipeline systems of the remote control.

The main Purchasers of our Valves are wagon constructing and wagon repair plants, passenger wagon depot and other enterprises engaged in the repair and modernization of the passenger wagons.

The Electromagnetic Valves MV 32 NO-110 are successfully operated in the passenger carriers that run through the countries of CIS. With the help of our Valves there can be performed the Remote Control of the Heating System of the following wagon types:

  • Compartment carriages of 47D model;
  • Compartment carriages of 47K model;
  • Compartment carriages of 61-779 model;
  • Open braced carriages.


Warranty period of electric valve contains 24 months since the date of the sale.

Electromagnetic Valve MV 32 NO-110
  • Electrovalve «NO» (normally open)
  • Port area, 32 mm
  • Operating environment – water due to Ukrainian National Standard (GOST) 2874-82
  • Water temperature in the pipeline up to +140 ˚C
  • Coefficient of resistance in the junction area along the seat cage is up to 3,0
  • Environment pass in the shutter – up to 0,1 l/h
  • Environment pass in the demountable joints is not accepted
  • Supply voltage is 110V DC (direct current). Customized manufacturing of electrovalves of 50 (54) V supply voltage is possible
  • Nominal power consumption – 12 W
  • Electrovalve at the nominal supply voltage Unom blocks pressure – 1400 mm of mercury; at the supply voltage 0,75 Unom – 800 mm of mercury
  • Admissible quantity of air leakage in the cold electrovalve at 0,75 Unom is 250cm3/min
  • Working mode is «continuous» due to Ukrainian National Standard (GOST) 12434-83
  • Electrovalve trim in the direction of operating environment at the terminals – transmission type
  • Connection to pipeline is lensed
  • Connection to power supply is dismountable
  • Mass of the electrovalve is 5,7 kg
  • Main dimensions: 15 cm of height and 10,5 cm of width.
  • Protection level provided with the layer is IP 55

Valve casing is made of steel.

The type of the demountable connector is agreed with the Employer.

Position of the electrovalve on the pipeline is horizontal with the demountable connector downward.

It is possible to manufacture the electrovalve with other type of demountable connector as may be agreed with the Employer.


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