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Economic efficiency of the ULSL-70

Dear user!

For the convenience of customers in fast decision-making, our company developed a calculator to calculate the economic efficiency of using of the LED street lamp ULSL-70 in your enterprise. The calculator is based on the methodology of the analysis of alternatives that take into account all costs associated with the operation of street lighting.

Calculation of economic efficiency based on personal understanding and perception of the world, and not on the methodologies and facts.

Please note that the installation and using of street lighting is primarily aimed at safe and quality street lighting (squares, shops, areas and so on) throughout all operating life of the lamps.

The calculator is integrated by statistics of street lighting of Your company, so the accuracy of the calculation depends only on the correctness of data entered by You.

WARNING! Economic efficiency can be calculated only about something.

Outdoor LED lamp ULSL-35, ULSL-50, ULSL-70, ULSL-100 is designed to illuminate roads, streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, parking lots, yards, warehouses, factory territories and so on. The lamp has a monoblock body which does not stipulate for the replacement of start-control devices and it has nonseparable LED lamps. Energy efficiency LED street lamp ULSL-70-c corresponds to class «A ++». It is recommended in the places where high reliability and low power consumption are required.

Operational conditions:

The Lamp can be operated outdoors and indoors. The Lamp is fixed on the overhand at an angl of at least 15⁰ up to the horizon. The outdoor LED street lamp is produced in the climate modification UHL for the 1st category of distribution due to GOST 15150-69. The environmental temperature range is from -40 up to +55⁰C. If necessary, clean the protective glass by soft cloth dipped in warm water.

Warranty liability

Warranty period of the LED Street Lamp is equal to 60 months from the date of the sale under the conditions of its operation at the environmental temperature from -40⁰C up to +55⁰C. Warranty performed in accordance with the CMU number 506 of 22.04.02. In the event of malfunction during the warranty period, the lamp should be sent with your passport and coupon on warranty repair to the address of the manufacturer.


№  Characteristics ULSL-35 ULSL-50 ULSL-70 ULSL-100
1. Nominal power supply voltage Unom, V 230
2. The supply voltage range, which preserves the Light Technical Characteristics, V 175-264
3. Luminous flux of the light source, lm, not less 4800 7100 9600 14200
4. The total luminous flux with the glass, lm, not less 4320 6390 8640 12780
5. Power consumption, W, no more 35 50 70 100
6. Rated current at U, A, no more 0,15 0,23 0,30 0,47
7. Supply voltage frequency, Hz 50, 60
8. The current through the LEDs, A, no more 0,35 0,5 0,35 0,5
9. The power factor is not less than 0,97
10. Recommended mounting height the luminaire, m 6-8 8-10 10-12 12-15
11. The maximum area of projection lamp is exposed to the wind for DSTU IEC 60598-2-3-2014, m² 0,10 0,15
12. The color rendering index 80
13. Resource light emitting module, h, min 100000
14. Overall dimensions, mm 500*240*100 760*240*100
15. Weight kg, not more 5,60 8,80
16. Gross Weight, kg, not more 6,00 9,12
17. Luminaire is mounted on the console with bore diameter, mm, no more 50
18. The color temperature of the light emitted, K 5000
19. Protection against of idling Yes, automatically resumed
20. Exceeding the output voltage> 106-126V Yes, automatically resumed
21. Short-circuit protection Yes, automatically resumed
22. Protection of against exceeding the input AC voltage up to 380V Yes, automatically resumed

Type of light intensity curve by GOST 17677-82

The name of Lamp Apical plane Transapical plane Angle of light emission, grade
ULSL-ХХ-c Cosine D (с) Cosine D (с) 120
ULSL-ХХ-d Deep G (b) Cosine D (с) 135*85


1. By the protection level of people from electrocution belong lamp to class І by SSU IEC 60598-1-2002.
2. The protection level from the environmental influence IP65 by SSU ІЕС 60598-1-2002.
3. The voltage of industrial radio interference is in the range of standarts of SSU CISPR 15:2007.
4. Electromagnetic capability is in the range of standarts of SSU ІЕС 61547:2001.
5. Emission of current harmonic is in the range of standarts of SSU ІЕС 61000-3-2:2004.
6. Fluctuation of voltage and flicker is in the range of standarts of SSU EN 61000-3-3:2004.


1. Assembling and connection of lamp must do person who has an access to performing electric installation work.
2. It is strongly forbidden to perform assembling and service of lamp until power supply is connect.
3. Before assembling of lamp, you must:
— make sure that lamp is sound and able to work;
— make sure that power supply voltage is according to nominal power supply voltage of lamp. It is forbidden to use lamp when power supply voltage is over 265 V.
4. Power wires connecting to the lamp by using mounting clip. At connecting of the lamp, first of all you have to connect ground connection and at power cut ground connection has to be disconnected. 
5. After connecting wires you have to put on the lamp on the overhand up to the stop. At that cap with mounting clip under the influence of the overhand tube will easily move to the middle of the lamp.
6. You must fix the lamp by the using of bolts and screws that come with supply package.
7. Do not use force to put off cap with mounting clip. The design of lamp allow to put it only on a few centimeters.

LED Street Lamp


LED Street Lamp



LED Street Lamp



LED Street Lamp


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