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Power supply DRV-xx intended for limiting and stabilizing voltage of LED modules.

Power supply DRV-xx is the component of LED lighting, and complies with technical regulations on EMC in accordance with the CMU  № 1077 of 16.12.2015.

Operating conditions:

The range of ambient temperature, ° C ………….-40 … + 80.

Type of connection – WAGO-terminals.

Humidity — <95% non-condensing.

Warranty liability

Warranty period of power source is two years from the date of commissioning, but not more than three years from the date of sale.

Warranty performed in accordance with the CMU № 506 of 22.04.02.

In the event of malfunction during the warranty period, the power supply should be sent with your passport and coupon on warranty repair to the address of the manufacturer.

Drive map

Drive map
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