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LLC "New Light" - the evolution of perfection

LLC "New Light" - the evolution of perfection - 09.10.2015

Recently, in Kiev, a free nationwide ranking economic performance of enterprises Ukraine by results of 2013 — 2014 years. LLC «New Light» SHEFT® enterprise producing LED street lighting was ranked 18th in the top 50 (silver) in Ukraine by the amount of seats 4 nominations financial and economic activities, 17th place in the top 65 (gold) in Ukraine for NACE class 27.40 «Production of electric lighting equipment.» By LLC «New Light» SHEFT® assigned the status of «INDUSTRY LEADER». This victory is not only an incentive for future achievements, but also raises awareness of its prestige and credibility. His reward hard work and we improve performance not only businesses, but also the economy as a whole.

Quality of service and democratic prices are the main factors that allow our company to be a leader in the production of LED street lamps. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel — clearly follow technology. But most importantly — we always know that we move in the right direction.

LLC «New Light» offers qualified SHEFT® rational approach to the manufacture of energy-saving LED street lamps offering new broad horizons in the field of lighting and energy saving. The main objective of the company is to provide consumers with quality modern products — economical street lighting. For the main rule — prevention of the unfair competition to consumers.

Information credentials LLC «New Light» SHEFT® «INDUSTRY LEADER» in the manufacture of electrical lighting equipment and prizes the company can be found at

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