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Tests at +55 °C

Tests at +55 °C - 31.01.2011

31 January 2011 «SHEFT», Ltd. got the official confirmation of the qualitative functional operation of the LED Street Lamp ULSL-70 at the rugged environmental conditions (environmental temperature equal to +55 °C). After passing the tests there was issued the document by Research Centre of Electrical Lamps and Technological Equipment Tests of State Enterprise «Poltavastandartmetrology» (Poltava Institution for Standards and Metrology).

Accordingly to the above mentioned Street Lamp ULSL-70 is recommended to use under the roof of the plant buildings and on the special sites, i.e. in the places where the temperature exceeds +55 °C.

For comparison: Similar to the Street Lamps ULSL-70 lamps are designed to be operated at the environmental temperature up to +45 °C.

For reference: The higher allowable lamp operational upper temperature limit – the longer lifespan of the LEDs.


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