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Degree of protection against the intrusion of dust and liquids

The degree of the lamps casing protection (Index Protection, IP) is characterized by two parameters:

— degrees of lamp protection against the intrusion of solid objects and dust

— degrees of lamp protection against the intrusion of liquids.

The degrees of IP protection is classified due to Ukrainian National Standard (GOST) 14254-80 «Electrotechnical products. Enclosures. Degrees of protections. Designations. Test methods.» This standard corresponds the European Standard EN 60529 and the Russian Standard MEK 529.

Methodology of alternative analysis

It is proposed in this article the evolutional method of taking error-free decisions for carrying out the examination of the competitive procedures, tenders, auctions, competitions etc. It is recommended to use as the feasibility study of the taken decisions in the field of lighting engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics etc. This method is based on the synergy of professional knowledge in project management and relative quantities that provides the absolute solution and proportional distribution of the responsibilities with any commission quantitative structure and its qualifications.

For illustration purposes the following three variants of street lighting are examined: Street Lamps RKU-250-U (H-g Lamps), Street Lamps ZhKU-150-U (HPS) and LED Street Lamps ULSL-70.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)


Light-emitting diode (LED) – semiconductor device with electron-hole junction or connection, metal-conductor that produces the optical radiation while being transmitted by the electric current.

Energy Saving in Europe



Energy Saving in Europe

Zahyschayemosya of disposable low-quality LED lighting



Analyzing awareness when choosing LED lights, LLC «New Light» has decided to warn potential buyers of disappointment in LED light bearer.


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