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You went to the site of the Ukrainian manufacturer of lighting/electrical equipment and fittings. The main products of our company are:

Outdoor LED lighting ULSL (first level ISUvo) – designed for lighting roads, streets, sidewalks, squares, parks, parking lots, yards, warehouses, factory territories. It is recommended to install in places, – where require high reliability, lower maintenance costs, the introduction of ISUvo system and low power consumption. Outdoor LED lighting ULSL meet the technical regulations of electromagnetic compatibility of equipment (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers №      1077 of December 16, 2015) and low-voltage electric equipment (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers №      1067 of December 16, 2015).

Raster LED lamps ULIL – designed for general lighting of administrative and public spaces (lobby, halls, shopping and banking halls, design offices, classrooms and work, cultural institutions), storage, and more. It is recommended to replace the lamps type LPO 4h18 and their modifications.

ISUvo (INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM of street lighting) – provides complete automation of lighting settlements, creating a temporary, dynamic variables territories squares, streets, highways and parking for transport only in places, where necessary. Allows you to remotely diagnose equipment without visual inspection and give you data about lamps in electronic form (also on your phone) in the case of changing environmental conditions, traffic, road surface condition, and so on.

Power supply DRV – designed to provide limits and stabilize voltage of LED modules. Power supply DRV are components of LED lighting, and complies with technical regulations on EMC in accordance with the CMU number 1077 of 16.12.2015.

Start-control electronic apparatuses (ballasts) SHEFT® are sources of power for fluorescent lamps and are designed to provide stable and reliable working of fluorescent lamps for rail transport. ECG is an analogue of emergency ballasts, switching power supplies for fluorescent lamps, ballasts.

Electromagnetic valve MV 32 NO-110, SHEFT® – designed to overlap piping systems with remote control.

All products are unique and meet international standards. The high quality of our products is confirmed by protocols and by export on the territories of the European Union.

Changes in the country pass through the city, and the city is changing thanks to its inhabitants. If you intended to change the Ukraine, implement new technologies, improve the quality of life of our society, we propose You to do it TOGETHER!

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